Grow your customer base while you sleep.

Our 2-day business accelerator changes
the trajectory of your business for good.

Raw implementation firepower.

Get strategy and implementation from a team of expert consultants. You’ll work with a business strategist, a pay-per-click jedi, a designer, a developer, a copywriter, a data scientist, an email marketer, a video film crew, a social media & PR whiz and of course an automation guru.

We have deep expertise in our respective fields and work together to implement automated assets that generate customers for you 24/7 365.  But don’t take our word…

Feedback from past attendees

The Accelerator workshop has been amazing… the talent that Sean assembles is incredible… I’ve had this eCourse program queued up for a couple years now and I can finally see the finish line.


The best thing about the Accelerator for me was that we had a room full of the exact experts I needed to take the next steps… steps I kept putting off prior to coming to the Accelerator.


Benefits of the Accelerator

  • An All-Star Team at Farm League Price

    By sharing resources amongst teams you get economies of scale and access to high-caliber talent at a fraction of the price you would normally pay.

  • Carve out the time and make it happen

    The Accelerator time-boxes a daunting task which is easy to procrastinate.  You will hunker down in a room full of experts and knock out an automated, tested and working customer acquisition funnel by the end of the weekend.

  • Not Just Implementation but Training

    Powerful technology is useful only if you know how to use it. You’ll get the 1-on-1 personal training at the event necessary to pilot your CRM and customer acquisition framework effectively.

Impact to Your Business

  • A new level of profitability

    The Automation Gurus implement assets which improve your lead capture and conversion rates allowing you to squeeze more sales out of exiting traffic sources and make every advertising dollar go further. Reduce overhead, improve margins and shorten sales cycles.

  • Stop hunting and start farming

    Hunting for new business each month gets exhausting. Instead set up automated systems generate recurring leads that can be cultivated and harvested as customers.

  • Focus on high-leverage activities

    With all the time you save from automating your client acquisition you’ll be free to dictate your own schedule again and be proactive rather than reactive. Concentrate on high-yield, strategic pursuits instead of getting stuck in the weeds.

See where the magic happens

Take a 5min tour of the venue where we hold the accelerator.  Located conveniently one mile away from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, the CEI facility has some nice perks like high-end video conferencing, smart boards, blazing fast wifi, configurable shared space and breakout rooms and the all-important Weber 2000 BBQ grill.

Details and Logistics

What is the workflow for the event ?

You submit your application, we review it and conduct preliminary phone consults with all applicants. Accepted companies are invited to a private forums where we continue the conversation with extensive pre-gaming and strategy setting to identify the high-leverage moves. We then distill the strategy into a set of deliverables and load it into our Kanban-based project management system. You’re paired up with a “sherpa” (or project manager) who stays with you throughout the entire process and owns all deliverables and outcomes. The weekend is entirely dedicated to implementation tasks. We do training & wrap-up the latter part of Sunday. Following the event we continue the conversation via our private forums to post-game and ensure your effectiveness with your new customer creation system.

Is there precedent for working in this fashion?

Yes. All of the sherpas staffing the event have either worked at a previous Automation Gurus Accelerator, an Infusionsoft Accelerator or in pro-bono form via our volunteer effort called Charity Makeover. Our consultants have also participated in numerous Startup Weekends (a similar style event). The Infusionsoft Accelerator was a $10k event with a similar structure but with exclusive emphasis on the Infusionsoft platform. We are platform-agnostic and have arguably a more robust team, a more agile methodology, a holistic focus on the full customer acquisition funnel including demand generation, the training screencast materials, the pre-gaming/post-gaming aspects and a video render farm to expedite your video processing.

Do I have to be physically present to participate?

It would certainly be most ideal to attend in person if you can swing it. We offer one seat at the next one as a virtual, remote attendee but much of the benefit comes from physically being in the same room with everyone and short-circuiting all the tiny lag times and communication breakdowns that inhibit getting stuff done efficiently.  That said, we have access to the high-end Lifesize video conferencing system we can use to link up with remote attendees and remote consultants around the globe and we are open to this. All scheduling and project management software is cloud-based so nothing changes from a workflow perspective, just the in-person communication fidelity is diminished.

How is payment handled?

Upon invitation and acceptance to the Accelerator you’ll make a $999 deposit via your credit card to secure your slot. You’ll pay the balance of the event prior to arrival.  Funds are not disbursed to our consultants until all devliverables tracked in our project management system have been delivered and accepted by the client. We escrow 1/5th of the funds until 30-days after the event. If we have not achieved the mutually-agreed-upon results set in the in the initial strategy planning phase the escrowed money is refunded to the client.

What can I expect in terms of a result & business ROI?

Given the unique nature of each client’s business stage and the diverse set of skills of the consultants in attendance it’s impossible to pinpoint and guarantee performance results. Outcomes largely a function of effective pre-gaming, identifying the greatest opportunity to boost profitability and doing the necessary legwork prior to the event to get the maximum implementation benefit from the consultants at the weekend event. We focus on implementing a limited set of items that as a whole ideally recoups the event cost in the first three months. We have a performance-based incentive with our clients that gives even greater alignment and assurance that they are treating your business as if it were their own.

Can you work with us to do a payment plan?

We have hard costs involved in paying our consultants for their services and unfortunately cannot currently front the cost of the events for attendees. We are however exploring various options with bank financing, grants, loans, sponsors, etc to remove the initial cash hit as a barrier.  Given the game-changing value this event represents and the fact that you typically come away with a set of automated assets that deliver a perpetual return (so it has infinite upside) we encourage you to hold bake sales, car washes and whatever other fundraising activities you need to conduct in order to scrape together the funds to cover this game-changing weekend. If cashflow is the precluding factor today, we encourage you to still complete the application so we can notify you as develop more options that would enable participation.

We help select entrepreneurs like yourself automate your client acquisition and refine your business model.

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